Simple, Elegant Tips To Help Transition Your Decor From Summer To Fall And Winter To Spring

In an ideal world, your furniture and accessories would seamlessly transition between seasons without you having to lift a finger, or open your pocketbook. Unfortunately, the decor and colors associated with each season are unique, leaving you stuck with a look and scheme that doesn't quite look right. Don't get stuck explaining to guests why you're home looks like a beautiful fall setting in the middle of summer and instead, here are a few tweaks and changes that can inexpensively help you tradition between seasons:

Transitioning From Summer to Fall

From bright colors and prints to fun tropical accessories throughout your home, when it comes to decorating for summer, it's okay to go a little overboard. However, once the temperatures begin to cool and the leaves change colors, these outrageous choices simply won't do.

Luckily, there are several inexpensive changes you can make to the decor throughout your home to help make it feel a little more like Halloween, and a little less like the Fourth of July:

  • Think Heavier Fabrics – Put away your cotton and linen throw pillows and blankets and replace them with heftier materials. For example, drape a burnt orange wool blanket over your couch or toss a few velvet throw pillows on your bed.

  • Create a Fall Mood With Scent – From warm pumpkin pie cooling on the window sill to a piping hot cup of apple cider, there are certain scents that scream "fall." If you're not a wizard in the kitchen, introducing these scents with candles or potpourri is a simple way to add elegance that also smells great!

  • Layering Just Isn't For Your Wardrobe Anymore – If you've ever spent the fall in a cool climate, you know that layers is the most comfortable, stylish way to stay warm. Go ahead and experiment with idea throughout your home by layering blankets, throw pillows and even area rugs.

  • Enjoy the Seasonal Fruits and Flowers – Many of the most fragrant, beautiful fruits and flowers are in season throughout the fall. Head to your local farmer's market and pick up some pumpkins, chrysanthemums and assorted gourds. Use these to make beautiful centerpieces and arrangements for every room in your home.

However, when it comes to making your home "feel" like fall, stick with accessories that are created from colors that symbolize this season, including orange, deep purple, red and yellow!

Winter to Spring

Nothing compares to the feeling of the warm sun on your face, especially after you've just spent the winter indoors avoiding the cold.

When you're choosing new accessories and furniture to transition your home from winter to spring, there are many ways you can celebrate the end of the snow, and the return of the flowers:

  • Incorporate Glass Wherever You Can – According to interior designers Steven Sabados and Chris Hyndman, incorporating glass pieces throughout your home can make it feel airy, open and perfect for spring. For example, put away the wood end tables in the living room and replace them with glass-topped models.

  • Use Accents to Bring the Outside, Inside – Putting out a few vases filled with spring flowers is a simple way to lighten your mood and home, but adding more accessories featuring nature-inspired themes can take your look over the top. For example, hang a picture of your son's favorite baseball field in the family room, or toss a few floral print pillows on the couch to make your home feel more like spring.

  • Don't Forget Your Windows – Hanging heavy drapes on the windows can help keep the cold air out in winter, but they also don't allow the sunshine in during spring. Take down your heavy drapes and replace them with sheer, cotton or linen curtains.

Purchasing the ideal furniture and accessories to transition your home between the seasons might seem expensive, but it doesn't have to be. Instead, purchase a few accessories and pieces from furniture stores for every seasons that can be incorporated throughout your home.