Exterior Window Coverings You Can Install To Increase Your Home’s Interior Comfort

Keeping your home comfortable all year long is a goal that all homeowner's face. As the weather outside fluctuates from hot to freezing, your home can lose and gain a lot of heat through its windows creating the interior to be less comfortable. Here are some types of window coverings you can install on your home's exterior to help you keep your home's interior more comfortable.


Awnings mounted on the exterior of your home can provide a non-mechanical method to keep your home comfortable. Exterior window awnings placed on your home's windows facing south and west will block and allow the sun into your home during various seasons because of the angle this traditional awning is installed.

During the summer when the sun is higher in the sky, your exterior-mounted fixed awnings will block the sun and its rays from entering your windows. This prevents the sun's rays from warming your home's interior via solar heat gain. In winter, the sun sits lower in the sky and is able to shine into your home's windows under the angle of the awnings. This will allow the sun's rays to shine into your home's windows to heat your home via solar heat gain.

You can upgrade your awnings and install retractable awnings, which can be mechanically rolled up and out of the way of your window. These retractable awnings on your window provides a full, unobtrusive view of the outdoors at any time you want them.

Mesh Window Screens

Another method to make your home's interior more comfortable is with the use of exterior window screens. Mount fixed exterior screens with their own frame or install mechanical roller screens, which you can close and open as you need them. These screens still allow you to view outside when they are closed over your windows and they allow indirect light into the room so you don't have to turn on any lighting during the day.

Exterior window screens can be coated to protect your home's interior from the sun's rays, especially if you live in a warm, southern climate. You can also have them reflectively coated on the interior to reduce your home's radiant heat loss.

Roller Blinds 

Roller blinds that are mounted on your home's exterior can be used to block out sunlight in a warm, southern climate to keep your home's interior comfortable. These blinds can be made of either vinyl, wood, steel, or aluminum, and are rolled down over the window's exterior on tracks mounted on either side of your window.

These blinds can block out all sunlight when they are completely lowered to stop solar heat gain and winter heat loss. They can also provide security to your home and protect your windows against extreme weather conditions.