4 Design Trends That Are Coming Back

Design trends are cyclical. We all know it on some level, yet it is surprising to see a few of these dated design trends of the past making back to the top of the trendy list.

1. Avocado Green: The late 1960s and early 1970s were the years when our parents and grandparents installed those infamous avocado green appliances in their kitchens that were the butt of design jokes for years. While this strong, olive green shade supported the kitchen remodeling industry for decades, it is making a surprising comeback. In fact, Elle Decor's 2017 Color of the Year, Greenery, is a direct throwback to avocado green in all its glory. It makes sense, however. Anything and everything eco-friendly is a popular design trend so far in this millennia, and that includes green paint shades.

2. Wallpaper Borders: Many real estate blogs preach to remove wallpaper borders as fast as you can if you want to depersonalize your home and sell for top dollar. Don't be too fast on the draw with that squirt bottle of wallpaper stripper, however. Traditional wallpaper borders are back, and they are here to stay. Wallpaper has been around since the 17th century and has survived the ebb and flow of interior design trends ever since. Using a stylish border to finish the look of a room can complement everything from traditional to contemporary design. 

3. Stark Black and White: The 1980s were fast, loud, and bold, both in fashion and interior design. While Crokett and Tubbs may have preferred pastels, decorating in stark contrasts of black and white was all the rage. Designers are re-discovering this bold, yet simple look and loving it -- again. This does not mean you can drag your favorite Patrick Nagel print or your framed poster of Maxwell's "Blown Away Man" out of the garage and hang them back up. Let's leave them right where they were. Please.

4. Brass: While brass has been used for handles, drawer pulls, and faucet for well over 100 years, it had the misfortune of being lumped in with avocado green and harvest gold, which lead to it being yanked out as fast as possible in ever remodel. Luckily, this warm metal is making a comeback and working its way back into our hearts. 

Love it or hate it; all trends sneak back into our homes where we can appreciate them all over again.