Tips To Bring A Modern, Industrial Look To Your Interiors

Try some tips that will modernize your home interiors, bringing an industrial-style appeal to any space. These are simple projects and upcycles that will give your room an aesthetic appeal of an urban apartment, industrial loft, or city flat.

Hang metal wall art. One quick way to give your home a speedy makeover is with metal wall art. Replace textiles, paintings, and collectibles with metal pieces that reflect a vintage air. This may include recycled items, such as metal fencing, automotive accessories, or old tools.

Replace your hardware. Give your cabinets and built-ins a transformation by switching out the hardware. Replace knobs, hinges, and pulls with shiny or brushed metal hardware to further reinforce the industrial theme. Pay attention to your home's doorknobs, too, when making the change.

Open-up the cabinetry. Cabinetry may take away from the open, lofty feeling you are trying to achieve. One way to combat this is to remove cabinet doors altogether, opting for open-shelving instead. Caulk and touch-up holes left by hinges and hardware to finish.

Get some pipe. Try a simple DIY project to incorporate some very industrial-looking PVC pipe into your space. Thread rope or twine through a length of pipe, about as wide as you want your hanging fixture to be; knot the rope firmly at the top and suspend from a hook or the ceiling. Hang light items, clothing, linens, or baskets, for a simple accent.

Salvage old hubcaps. Try to salvage and recycle old hubcaps by turning them into accent dishes and bowls around the home. Give them a coat of metallic spray paint to bring them back to life, and use for storing small items, serving snacks, or simply as a captivating collectible in your newly-reconfigured interior.

Create a vintage accent. Start collecting old faucets, doorknobs, or fixtures every time that you find them at tag sales, thrift stores, or salvage dealers. When you have a handful of these items, secure them on a wood slab for a decorative wall-piece that echoes the industrial theme in your home. Consider staining, painting, or finishing the wood to meld with your home's colors and features, but leave the fixtures as-is for an ageless, antique effect that is very appealing.

Give your interiors a contemporary makeover with some of these tips. Metal wall artwork decor works in both large and small spaces, while also providing a modern, clean slate for your home's color scheme and furnishings.