Want An Organic Garden In Your Neighborhood? What To Know

If you are ready to start harvesting and planting your own organic produce around your yard but you aren't sure exactly where to start, there are some things to get. You want to have organic materials, such as seeds and soil, and you have to make sure that the water is pure as well. Talk with the experts and test the following things, so that you can be positive that you aren't growing a garden with chemicals or other pollutants that you don't want to have in your produce.

Exterior Water Purification System

Have a water purification company come to your property to test the water coming out of your hose, and to put an exterior purification system on. You don't want added chemicals or too many hard minerals getting pumped into your garden. Have the water filtered and purified so that you have pure water coming out to irrigate your organic garden. Companies like Houston Water Products can help you with this.

Soil Testing and Raised Beds

Have the soil tested to see what harmful toxins or chemicals are in the soil. If you know that the soil is toxic and that it won't be good for your organic garden because of runoff and other concerns, it may be best to have raised bed gardens.

Raised bed gardens provide a lot of benefits, like allowing you bring in your own soil and water. You also can put netting or coverings around the boxes easily. You can either build them on your, outsource the project to a professional that knows the best size and dimensions to use.

Neighbor Chemical Concerns

Talk with the soil and water testing companies about the concerns you should have because of your neighbors. If they have a pool, bug sprayers, or other indications that they may be releasing some type of chemicals into the air or into the soil, then this shows that you have to worry about how your garden will be affected and how you can prevent exposure.

There are a lot of ways that you can have an organic garden, even if you live in an area where the water and the soil have been treated. You have to decide what type of garden and vegetables you want to use, you have to find organic soil and seeds, and then you have to be sure that you are using organic water and fertilizer to help with the garden. Research your area to be 100 parent sure your garden is organic.