Items To Add Luxury To Your Bathroom

It is important to note that a bathroom is a place where you should be able to relax after having a long, stressful, and tiresome day. That's the reason you need to make your bathroom as luxurious as possible for optimal relaxation. Here are several items that can add luxury in your bathroom. Remember, you should consult a plumbing contractor when installing these items to avoid messing up everything in the bathroom.

Luxury Plumbing Features

What are these, you ask? You may have never considered how to add luxury to your plumbing. But some options to discuss with a contractor are:

  • Sinks with motion detectors that turn on automatically

  • Heated toilet seats

  • Cleaning options, such as a bidet

  • Remote control toilets

Decorate The Bathroom With White As It Adds Stylish Simplicity

White counter tops and cabinets can create an elegant but simple bathroom. You can opt to use light-neutral paint colors as well as white bath linens that help create a stylish bathroom as well. A casual bathroom can get a more expensive appearance simply by adding quality rugs and towels. Don't forget to pair all the white linens with the neutral fittings in your bathroom in order to make everything match.

Gray Will Give Your Bathroom A Classic Appearance

Wood or white-toned bathrooms have dominated bathrooms for many years. However, gray has turned out to become of the best colors that you can use in your bathroom. There are obvious reasons for opting to use gray in your bathroom. It is one of the colors that is easy to match. Warm gray, for instance, can make your bathroom look warmer. For example, greige is a perfect color that can complement the wood trim, vanity, or brushed silver accessories in your bathroom. Lastly, don't forget to use lighting and other accessories to complete the elegant gray bathroom appearance.

Use Painted Furniture

At times, you can decide to paint your furniture just to create an expensive and custom style in your bathroom. If you like DIY projects, then you can find some online tutorials that can help you convert your chest or dresser into a vanity. Also, you don't have to worry if you are not good with DIY projects, since you can just paint your bathroom vanity with a different color just to make it look new. When choosing the color to paint your vanity, make sure that you choose one that suits the linens and accessories in the bathroom. Also, you need to consider neutral colors that will give your bathroom an expensive look.

Consider Using Glass Tiles

It is not a must for your bathroom to look plain or neutral. You can also use glass tiles creatively to create an art-inspired bathroom. However, you need to make sure that the tiles have pretty and attractive colors. If you don't have the money for such tiles, then you can consider using mirrors with intriguing tile frames. Lastly, make sure that you match the accessories in the bathroom with the tiles for a better appearance.