3 Great Spots For Your Cheetah Cowhide Throw Pillow

There is something about natural materials that make a space feel beautiful and organic. However, some natural materials are protected, such as coral or cheetah hide. When this happens, you may have to find a partially manmade solution. For instance, did you know you can purchase cowhide that has been dyed to look like cheetah print? Here are three great spots for a cheetah cowhide throw pillow in your home. 

1. The Living Room

With their interesting markings and traditional color tone variations, many people place cheetah cowhide throw pillows in the living room. Consider investing in one for each couch in the space, to tie together the look and feel of the room. Additionally, think about adding a cheetah-printed blanket to the space, so you can give your living room that jungle vibe. 

To give your space even more personality, try to incorporate plants that give your home a little more of a jungle feeling, such as a Swiss cheese plant or a fiddle-leaf fig plant. The more your space ties together, the more luxurious your home will feel. 

2. Your Window Seat

Window seats can become tired, lonely places, which could make your kitchen, hallway, or even bedroom feel a little bland and empty. However, with a great throw pillow, your window seat could look more interesting and fun, making it a focal point of your room. If you have a window seat in your home, think about what color the existing cushion is and what it needs. By adding an interesting pillow or two, you can breathe new life into that corner, making your home feel beautiful again. 

3. Your Master Closet 

What better area to customize to your personal preferences than your master closet? Master closets should be a reflection of who you are and what you like, which is why you should lose the boring themes and embrace what you really love. If you love cheetah print, consider placing a cheetah cowhide pillow in the chair in your master closet so you can rest and relax in style. Adding decorative accents in your master closet is also fun and interesting since it can create color and texture. 

When you are ready to start sprucing up your home, don't stop by adding a few accessories. Think about adding new furniture pieces and making renovations to your home to make it reflective of your personality. Be unapologetic in the selections that you make, and never shy away from having a different point of view. 

For more information, contact a supplier of cheetah cowhide pillow covers.