Five Key Features To Look For In Hurricane Shutters

Hurricane shutters are necessary if you live in coastal areas, particularly those prone to hurricanes, tropical storms, and high winds. There are some key features to consider when you are shopping around for new hurricane shutters.

1. Fixed Mounts

Fixed mounts means that you don't have to physically put up and take down the shutters each time you need them. They are always in place, simply waiting to be deployed. Not only is this a less labor-intensive option, but it also saves you time in the event there is little warning that you need to prepare for an impending storm.

2. Automation

An automated solution is another convenience that saves time and that can make it easier to protect your home. Automated shutters are operated with the push of a button, which may be located on the wall near the shutters, on a control panel within the home, or via a remote control. Automated shutters can also be operated manually, such as in the event of a power outage.

3. "Smart" Features

New smart shutters are hitting the market. These are especially useful if you need to protect a vacation home or if frequent travel takes you away from home. Smart features work in tandem with automated fixed shutters. You can close the shutters from afar by using an app on your phone or from any computer by logging into your home's shutter dashboard. There are even options on some models that allow the shutters to be closed automatically if the national weather service issues a storm warning for your area.

4. Multi-Function

Hurricane shutters can also work as security shutters. Choose locking shutters that can't be manually over-ridden without a key. Then, you can close and lock the shutters any time you plan to be away for an extended period, such as when on vacation. Locking shutters also provide extra peace of mind when it comes to the security of vacation homes that can sit empty for weeks or months.

5. Design Integration

Make sure the shutters you choose fit in with the look of your home. Opt for models that tuck away into boxes designed to look like decorative trim when not in use, for example. You can also get shutters that come in colors to match your home. Some shutters are designed to look more like decorative shutters when open, such as louvered Bahama shutters.

Contact a hurricane shutter dealer in your area to learn more.