Lesser-Known Types Of Natural Stone To Use In Your Landscaping

When you think about natural stones used in landscaping, which ones come to mind first? Chances are, you think of options like travertine, flagstone, and sandstone. Indeed, these are popular landscaping stones, and they are all quite attractive in their own right. However, they are not your only options. If you're looking for stone to use in your landscaping, then you want to also consider these lesser-known natural stone options.

Decomposed Granite

Using granite in your landscaping design may initially sound strange since granite is such a polished, expensive stone. However, decomposed granite is a bit different. It is granite that has been naturally worn down over the years. It, therefore, takes on a more rough and rugged appearance, but while maintaining the grainy, colorful quality of granite. Decomposed granite can be a really good choice for stone mulch in a garden bed. It's also lovely when used to make walking paths.

River Rocks

Are you looking for a stone that has more of a clean-cut, polished look while still being and appearing natural? River rock may be a great choice. These are a variety of rocks that have been worn down over time by tumbling river water. The rocks tend to be really flat, but smooth on both the top and the bottom. There also tends to be a lot of variety in color. Some rocks are blue-gray. Others are white, and others are brown. River rocks are lovely for putting in a grill area, in a small rock garden, or under a water feature.


Crushed limestone is a common soil additive, but you don't see larger pieces of limestone used in landscaping that often. However, its pale color and its matte finish make it a good choice for many landscapes. It can get slippery when wet, so if you use it on a walking path, you want to make sure it has been textured. This just means the surface has been sandblasted to roughen it up a little. Of course, this is not an issue if you use limestone to build a rock wall or a border around a garden. You will, however, want to power wash the limestone often since its light color makes it show dirt and algae easily.

There are so many different types of stone out there that you can use in your landscape. Make sure you do consider the options above, though. They may not be that common, but they're all awesome in their own way.