Points To Think About When You Choose Your Kitchen Countertop Edge

When you're getting a new countertop for your kitchen, the first things that you'll likely think about are what material you want the countertop to be and what color will best suit the space. It's enjoyable to consider your options until you find the perfect look, but you still have more decisions to make. Another thing to think about is what style of edge you want on the countertop. There are many different options, from simple to ornate, so you should look at samples of each style thoroughly. You'll want to consider the following points as you make your decision.

Appearance Of The Kitchen

It's a good idea to think about the overall appearance of the kitchen, as doing so will help you to decide which countertop edge will best suit the look of this space. If you have a lot of straight edges in your kitchen, which is common when you decorate in a modern style, you might want the edge of your countertop to be straight. Conversely, if you have rounded elements throughout this part of your home, a countertop edge that is rounded — commonly known as a bullnose — can add a complementary look.

Children's Height

If you have children or grandchildren, it can be worthwhile to think about their heights. If they're still very young but will soon be as tall as the countertop, you may feel better about having an edge that is rounded. A straight edge can sometimes have sharp corners, which may be a concern because children who are running around in the kitchen could bump their heads. While kids can still bump their heads on rounded edges, the impact would almost certainly be less severe. This can not only be better for your children or grandchildren but can also offer a feeling of relief for you.

Dedication To Cleaning

You should also consider the dedication that you have to cleaning your home, as some countertop edge styles are quicker to clean than others. If you're someone who can't stand the idea of a messy home and who puts a lot of effort into keeping things clean, an elaborate edge style such as a waterfall edge can present more of a cleaning challenge because it has multiple lips on which dust and grease can settle. In this scenario, you may favor something that is quicker and easier to wipe clean, such as a straight edge or a half-bullnose edge.

Reach out to a professional to discuss your kitchen countertop options.