Three Reasons To Paint Hardwood Flooring

If you're not happy with the overall look of one of the rooms in your home, it's a good idea to begin listing the changes that you may wish to make to improve it. In most cases, there will be all sorts of ideas that can work — ranging from simple decorating changes to home improvement projects that are more involved. If the room in question has old hardwood flooring, one idea to consider is painting it. While some people bristle at the idea of covering up any type of wood with paint, others know that painting your hardwood floor can have a positive impact on the look and feel of the room. Here are three reasons to paint your hardwood.

Brighten The Room 

If your existing hardwood floor has a dull look, perhaps because it's worn out or perhaps because it's finished in a bland color, painting over it can dramatically brighten the room. You may feel that the room in question often looks dark. Many factors, including a lack of windows and inadequate light fixtures, can add to this look, but there's little question that a dark and dull floor will be part of the problem. Choosing a bright color of paint will transform the floor and improve the room's overall feel.

Create The Illusion Of More Space

Light colors often help spaces to appear larger. If the room is on the smaller side and you want it to feel bigger, painting the hardwood floor can be beneficial. While you can set up the room sparingly with light-colored furniture and decor, doing so may not have the visual impact you want if your flooring is very dark. Painting the hardwood in a light color such as light gray or even off-white will help to make the room feel more spacious, which can make your entire family more eager to spend time in this part of your home.

Simpler Than Other Methods 

While some people change the look of their hardwood flooring by applying a different coat of stain, this process is labor intensive. Before you apply the new stain, you must first remove the old stain. Doing so requires a significant amount of sanding, which is difficult and messy. There are many types of paint that you can apply directly over hardwood stain, which means that painting your hardwood is significantly simpler than restaining it. Drop by a local home improvement store to buy the supplies that you need for this project.