How to Cook BBQ in the Middle of Winter

Grilling is usually seen as a summer activity. But if you're craving grilled food in the winter, you can still fire up the grill and cook something delicious. You should store your grill inside or cover it with a tarp so that it's not damaged by the snow. However, when you're ready to grill, you can clear off some space and roll out your barbecue equipment.

Wear the Right Gloves

Do not put on snow gloves when operating the grill. You will still need to wear heat-resistant gloves that will protect your hands from the hot grill. Even though the grill is warm, you'll want to wear warm-weather clothing such as a hat, scarf, and a warm jacket.

Stock Up on Supplies

Grilling can actually take longer if you are grilling during the winter. This is because it will take longer for the food to cook to the right temperature. You might need to stock up on more wood pellets. However, the results will be worth it.

Clear a Path

To be able to grill during the winter, you'll need to clear a path. You'll want to pick a day when it's not snowing heavily because the snow will make it more difficult to travel to and from the grill. Do not grill in a garage or shed because there won't be enough ventilation and it can be dangerous.

Choose the Right Grill

The type of equipment you choose to grill matters, even more, when you will be grilling during the cold weather season. Because there will be more precipitation, you will need to protect your grill. Painted steel can eventually rust if it is not covered and if you do not repair it when the paint chips off. Aluminum and stainless steel grills are the most resistant to corrosion.

Buy the Right Grate

The type of grate you use when cooking will determine how well your grill retains heat. One of the best options is to choose a cast iron grill that is coated with porcelain. Heavy-gauge stainless steel is also great at retaining heat. This type of grill is also very easy to keep clean.

Upgrade Your Burners

The burner is measured in BTUs and the higher the number the hotter the grill can be. If you find that your food isn't cooking fast enough when barbecuing in the winter, upgrading the burners to a hotter version will allow you to cook all year round.