3 Christmas Gift Ideas For A Loved One That Are Sure To Keep On Giving As The Years Pass

Stop spending your time stressing about what to get your loved ones for Christmas this year. The following gift ideas are sure to keep on giving in the coming years:

A Mini Flower Garden

Encourage your loved one's natural senses and creativity to blossom by gifting them with a miniature flower garden this holiday season. A mini flower garden is easy to take care of, it can be kept inside or out, and it can open your loved one up to new possibilities in their garden that they never would have embarked upon before.

For example, the mini garden could be set up in the kitchen to begin with but your loved one may decide to expand the garden to the outdoors and add even more flower pots to the mix. On the other hand, a loved one who prefers to spend their time indoors can benefit from a mini flower garden blooming in their bedroom window throughout the year.

A Holiday Memory Book

Give your loved one something special they can look at to reconnect with old memories any time of the year as they age by surprising them with a holiday memory book this coming Christmas. Start by collecting a variety of pictures that feature friends and other family members at holiday events. Then fill the collection out with photos of loved ones' holiday décor and special holiday memories.

Secure the photos in a memory book and have each page laminated to ensure that it can be enjoyed for many years to come. You can pair the book with a DVD of family holiday memories and some microwave popcorn and chocolate to round the gift out.

A Needlepoint Santa Stocking

Your loved one is sure to think about you every Christmas to come when they hang up their special needlepoint Santa stocking that you surprise them with this holiday season. Needlepoint Santa Christmas stockings are special because no two are alike, and each one is created by hand with love and care that is illuminated through the craftsmanship.

Whether your loved one expects their stocking to be filled up by Santa each Christmas season or they just enjoy decorating for the occasion, they are sure to appreciate a one-of-a-kind needlepoint Santa stocking that can be hung above the fireplace, near the front door, or beside the bed. You can find a variety of custom needlepoint Santa stocking designs, colors, and sizes online where you can order your chosen options and have them shipped right to your front door ready for wrapping.