Dressing Your Windows? 3 Trends To Consider

Window treatments are important for a few reasons. Not only can they create privacy, but they can also block light and views while providing some energy efficiency. Of course, the various types of window treatments can make choosing one quite overwhelming. This guide will give you a few trends to consider when deciding on different curtains for your home's windows.

Natural Materials

Whether you love nature or not, the use of drapes and shades made out of natural materials is a popular trend to consider for your home.

Cotton is available in a variety of colors and patterns, so finding a look suited to the room's décor and your personality should be easy. Cotton is also durable and easy to maintain. In most cases, cotton drapes can be washed by hand or in your washing machine.

Curtains and valances are also available in a burlap material. Although common in rustic or farmhouse styled homes, burlap can work with a variety of home styles. Its durability is a main benefit, but many people love how a small amount of light is let through the burlap material.

Bamboo, rattan, and hemp are also natural options for your window treatments. These harder materials are usually only found in shades, which can be a great alternative to traditional curtains.

New Neutrals

In the past, many people opted for drapes in neutral colors since they are readily available and match most furniture and décor. Today, there are newer neutrals that add a bit of color to your windows without overwhelming the look of the room.

Gone are the days or ordinary white and cream. New neutral colors include various shades of grey, blue, green, lavender, and even a greige shade, which is a combination of grey and beige.

When selecting the right newer neutral color for your window, take your furniture into consideration. Consider matching the curtains with your throw pillows or pull out one color from your sofa or area rug, which will help combine the room's finishing touches with ease.

Floor to Ceiling

The material and overall look of your window treatments are important. However, the manner in which they are installed is also essential. Another trend to consider is floor-to-ceiling drapes.

This trend can be created by choosing and installing curtains that are long enough to fall onto the floor instead of falling right below the actual window. Although the longer drapes will require more dusting and maintenance, the floor-to-ceiling look does add elegance to any room. In addition, floor-to-ceiling window treatments tend to elongate windows and ceilings, making the room look larger than it really is.

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