Does Your Kitchen Make You Claustrophobic? Open It Up With These Remodeling Ideas

A kitchen that is small or poorly designed can feel cluttered and claustrophobic, especially if the family has more than one cook. Remodeling this type of kitchen is a good idea to help open it up and make it more pleasant and user-friendly.

Equally important is the fact that a carefully designed, remodeled kitchen space can also be an important benefit for homeowners who plan to sell their home at some point. If you have been wanting to remodel your home's small, depressing kitchen but are at a loss for great ideas, the following information may be just what you need to get started. 

Do away with upper cabinetry

One of the easiest and most affordable ways to make a kitchen look larger and more open is to remove all upper cabinetry. Once this has been done and the walls patched and painted or papered in a light, attractive color or pattern, simple open shelving can be added in a color that matches or complements the newly exposed walls. Families who wish to add a more industrial feel to the space may want to opt for wire or stainless steel shelving that will offer both durability and eye-catching appeal. 

Invest in dual use areas 

Another important way in which a small kitchen can be made to feel much larger is by creating one or more dual usage areas. Some good ideas for achieving this include: 

  • adding a second small sink to a counter or island area that can double as both a food prep area and wet bar
  • adding a drop-down shelf to a wall or island at table-top height that can be used as a space for children to do homework or as extra seating for meals
  • creating a marble-topped space for pastry and baking that can be covered with a custom cutting board to turn the space into a buffet space or food prep area 

When making these additions and changes in a small kitchen, remember to keep them in proportion to the actual room size so that they blend easily and complement the room. 

Coming up with great ideas for an upcoming kitchen remodeling project can be difficult. A good way for homeowners to explore all the possibilities is to visit kitchen showrooms. In addition to seeing all the latest kitchen design ideas, kitchen showrooms also offer a great way to view new appliance models and see samples of tile, flooring, counter top materials, and lighting fixtures.