Dangerous Termite Myths That Might Cost You Thousands In Damage To Your Home

They're tiny, can attack without warning and, according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, cost Americans over $2 billion each year in property damage. Termites are a common problem in homes across the United States, and many homeowners are misinformed about this destructive pest. Don't fall victim to any of these common termite myths, or else you could find yourself calling a pest control agent to combat your own infestation: Read More 

Five Benefits To Installing A Water Softener

To many homeowners, a water softener seems like an unnecessary expense. After all, most municipalities spend a great deal of tax money on treating and cleaning their water supply. Wouldn't point-of-use treatment be a waste of time and money? The short answer to this question is "no." Softened water provides many benefits to a home--some of which might not be readily apparent. However, whether you notice them or not, these benefits make awater softener a sound investment for just about any homeowner. Read More