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Ice Is Not Always Nice! 3 Shocking Things Found In Your Ice Cubes

As a homeowner, you most likely know when and if there is an issue with your dishwasher, oven, or refrigerator. Unfortunately, determining if there is a problem in your automatic icemaker can be challenging. Considering the icemaker operates on an as-needed basis, seeing the signs of an impending failure is almost impossible. However, if your icemaker is not working properly, your ice will exhibit a few surprising signs. While surprising to hear, your icemaker may be failing and creating one or all of these shocking things inside your ice. Read More 

Amping Up Antiques: Things To Look For When Reupholstering Old Furniture

Antique furniture that is has been kept and preserved in the finest condition should not be retouched or restored in any way-- such actions only diminish its value. However, you can click here or get beautiful antique furniture at a discount from a dealer, including chairs and sofas, that need to be reupholstered and repaired. Restoring a sofa or chair to it's former glory is rewarding, but it can be a little daunting at times. Read More 

Simple, Elegant Tips To Help Transition Your Decor From Summer To Fall And Winter To Spring

In an ideal world, your furniture and accessories would seamlessly transition between seasons without you having to lift a finger, or open your pocketbook. Unfortunately, the decor and colors associated with each season are unique, leaving you stuck with a look and scheme that doesn't quite look right. Don't get stuck explaining to guests why you're home looks like a beautiful fall setting in the middle of summer and instead, here are a few tweaks and changes that can inexpensively help you tradition between seasons: Read More 

Five Benefits To Installing A Water Softener

To many homeowners, a water softener seems like an unnecessary expense. After all, most municipalities spend a great deal of tax money on treating and cleaning their water supply. Wouldn't point-of-use treatment be a waste of time and money? The short answer to this question is "no." Softened water provides many benefits to a home--some of which might not be readily apparent. However, whether you notice them or not, these benefits make awater softener a sound investment for just about any homeowner. Read More 

3 Unusual Boiler Smells And What They Mean

Boilers are still used to heat many of the homes in the United States today. They're reliable and efficient, and because they use natural gas or propane, they're money savers in areas where the price of electricity is high. Boilers, like furnaces, have a tendency to smell bad when something goes wrong. While you shouldn't rely on your nose alone, the type of odor you detect from the boiler can give you a hint as to what the problem is. Read More